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Now that we know what phpBB is, we work toward understanding the code of phpBB in full. However, before we can start, we need serveal basic tools to aid in the journey. Besure you've got all these:

Basic knowledge of php Although we're newbie also and tolerate question on php a lot, there is a limit. Asking what echo 'Hello world!'; means is a waste of man-power. Check the php manual, or take some tutorial on php first. They'll help a lots. And I'm sure there're many on the internet.
The source code of phpBB2.1 They can be downloaded on this page, or you can get the most updated version from their CVS.
A good text editor A rule of thumb is that it must support syntax highlighting for php, which helps a lot during code reading. Some open source text editor that support these are: SciTE, Notepad++, Notepad2, etc.
(Optional)Reference material on php, programming in gerenal Through not a must, a good book on php or programming help a lots. And the official php manual in an electronic format can help cast away the doubt when facing those string function quickily.
(Optional)A working localhost server setup A popular choice is to install Apache, php, MySQL, then perhaps something additional like phpmyadmin. With this, you can install phpBB on the localhost server and test phpBB locally. It may takes a lot of space and effort, but the payoff is huge: If you make a change in the code, you can test out the difference, which help debugging. This is especially useful when you're dissecting a small choke of code and try to change it to understand fully how it works.
And finally, this guide!

A quick note: A good config of the text editor, and your desktop working environment in gerenal, is important also. It can boost efficiency. My config is to have the text editor on the left half of the screen, using 60 to 70% of the space, and this guide, or the php manual, on the right side using the remaining spaces.

After you've get all these, we can go!

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