Welcome to the "Understanding the code of phpBB" wiki! This wiki aims to document the code of the upcoming phpBB version 2.1/3, in hope that the general public can understand the code better. We have a major emphasis on gathering a friendly community, and we welcome your contribution. Enjoy your stay, and may the spirit of wiki be with you!

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Introduction - Understand the background of phpBB before we start


Getting started - To understand the code of phpBB or to create or modify the same, you need some tools to aid you


Basic analysis - A grand overview on the structure of phpBB and some basics


Understanding the basic classes - phpBB has a number of classes to handle common tasks, it's important that you understand them because they appear frequently


Detailed anaylsis file by file with
Function reference guide - Go into the core of analysing, with function guide to help when needed


Common tasks - Learn how common tasks are done in phpBB, with code example

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Congratulations! But! Is it the end?
No! If you get this far, we encourage you to try writing code together with our community! Maybe our code will never be used, but this is fun! Coding phpBB tour

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Frontend Files:

download.php, faq.php, index.php, mcp.php, memberlist.php, posting.php, report.php, search.php, ucp.php, viewforum.php, viewonline.php, viewtopic.php

Backend Files:

common.php, config.php, cron.php, style.php


bbcode.php, functions.php, functions_admin.php, functions_compress.php, functions_display.php, functions_jabber.php, functions_messenger.php, functions_module.php, functions_posting.php, functions_privmsgs.php, functions_profile_fields.php, functions_upload.php, functions_user.php, message_parser.php, session.php, template.php

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