General workflow of memberlist.php Edit

Detailed anaylsis of the code Edit

Line 1 to 21: These are the common task done on a frontend file. Note that the user object now store a array with memberlist and groups.

Line 23 to 28: Grab data - we have mode to decide which part we'll use, action to decide the exact thing we need to do, u, g, t, are shorthand for user_id, group_id, and topic_id.

Line 30 to 33: Anyone can email user, so if that's what the user wants to do, we don't need to check permission.

Line 35 to 38: Otherwise, check if the user has the permission to view profiles or memberlist.

Line 39 to 44: If the cause of access denial is that it is anonymous(didn't login), we show a login box; if not, the best we can do is to show an error dialog.

Line 50 to 54: ??

Line 57 to 59: Grab rank information, see the function reference for more info.

Line 63 to 64: The main content, branches according to the specific task to do.

Line 65 to 163: If the user requested a list of admins, moderators, etc. Explained below:

Line 68 to 75: Add language file, set the title, load template file, and initialize the array holding the id of admin, mod, forum, separately.

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